Our Birth Story

Happy 2019 guys, first off I would like to say thank you for everyone who is following along with the blog. I have loved doing it over the past 5 years, it is so much fun to watch it grow and evolve, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I have some exciting things in store for 2019 so I hope you guys keep coming back.


Now on to my birth story. This may be a little TMI for some, so continue with caution.

The morning of the 27th I woke up with not a broken water, but leaking I guess is the only way I can explain it. I was also spotting and having very mild contractions so I decided to go into the hospital and check in with my doctor. I was scheduled for an induction a few days later so this was just a check in to make sure all was okay.

When I got to the hospital they monitored the baby for a bit and all looked good there. I wasn't really dilated at this point, maybe 1 or 2 cm so I texted all of the family telling them the baby wasn't coming today and that I would be home in an hour or so.

There still was not much explanation for the "leaking" I was experiencing so they decided to an ultrasound to measure the fluid around the baby before I left the hospital.

While I was laying there waiting for the doctor I got a call from the hubby. He said that he had to leave the ice early during practice that morning because of an injury and that he would not be going on the road trip. He asked if I needed him to meet me at the hospital and I told him that was not necessary, that I would be heading home soon.

Not long after that, the doctor came in and told me the fluid around the baby was on the low side. It wasn't an immediate problem but I was in a bit of a grey area. He said if it was his wife or daughter he would recommend being induced right away just to be on the safe side. Because he knew I wanted to have the baby when Carey was in town he said we could just keep monitoring it day to day and move forward with the induction a few days later. I called Carey right away to confirm he for sure was not going on the road and then told the doctor we may as well do it today! So that was it, I moved into a delivery room and Carey headed to the hospital.

I was kind of banking on those last few days before baby so I started sending emails like crazy and calling family!

Once Carey arrived at the hospital they started the medication to get me dilated enough for the doctor to break my water. Once my water was broke the party got started in a hurry. I didn't have much of a plan in regards to pain management. I was just going to ride the wave and see what happened. I had an AMAZING nurse who really worked with us trying different things to help with the pain. We used the yoga ball at the beginning which helped a bit I think, once the pain got too bad I resorted to just rolling around on the bed screaming, haha but actually. Nitrous Oxide was an option so I went ahead and tried it during one of my contractions but found that it made me feel sick so I quickly decided that was not the way to go. A few contractions later I thought I better go ahead with the epidural, I was only 6 cm dilated at this point so was worried the pain could go on for a while. Silly me.

A few contractions later the anesthesiologist got there. While in position to receive the epidural the pressure I had been feeling got really bad...looking back I wish I would have trusted my body and just told them to not go ahead with the epidural, but we went ahead with it. The second he told me I could move after it was inserted I went right to my side and started pushing. Just a few minutes later miss Millie arrived!


Common questions I have been getting:

How did my delivery compare to Liv?

The delivery was quite a bit different from my first, less than half the time...3 hours after they broke my water, with Liv it was 8 hours. Contractions seemed way worse this time around but that's probably because I got an epidural in time with Liv to avoid the really bad ones. My contractions were pretty different too, in early labor I would have 3 contractions back to back and then get a couple minutes in between. With Liv, they were more regular, but again less intense.

Pushing was not even comparable, Millie came out right away and with Liv, I pushed for a little under an hour. Overall I feel extremely lucky to have had two great deliveries!

Will be having more kids?


What hospital did we deliver at?

We were at the Jewish General, and I can't say enough about how great the staff in the birthing center was. Our doctor and nurse were outstanding and made the entire exprience...the entire experience...I am at a loss of words here. I can't say it was enjoyable, haha but as good as it could be given the circumstance!

Did Carey actually have a lower-body injury?

I am sorry to say that he did have an injury. When Carey would have done everything in his power to be at the birth of our baby (even if it means missing a game) he would not have missed an entire road trip for the birth. And to boot, the Habs are a very classy organization I can't ever imagine them lying or putting out false information about a player.

Essentials for the hospital bag?

I took a few Instagram stories on this which are saved on my profile under "Pregnancy". But for a quick rundown:

For Dad:

- lounge clothes/sweats

- tooth brush and other necessary toiletries

- pillow

- extra long phone charger

- I pad with a few movies downloaded

For Baby:

- diaper and wipes

- swaddle blankets, we are obsessed with Numper ones.

- Mits and a hat

- going home outfit

*with both babies we kept them naked and swaddled while we were in the hospital so we didn't bring many baby clothes.

For mom:

For delivery, my two musts were chapstick and my Yeti cup (I am high maintenance when it comes to having ice cold water)

- hospital gown, I used one from Giftgown and loved it!

- Robe and slippers

- towel for a shower afterward

- flip flops

- basic toiletries (I threw in a face mask which felt so nice before bed)

- might want to consider an adult diaper for right after delivery

- loose clothing to go home in

I hope that answers most of your questions!

Much Love,