Christmas Shopping with Best Buy


I always hear about the importance of date nights, especially once you have kids... you know keeping the romance alive and all of that. But if you are like my hubby and me then these forced date nights do not sound enticing (we are huge homebodies).  Lucky for us we have found that we can 'keep the romance alive' without leaving the comfort of our own home. 

Once Liv is snoozing we curl up in bed and watch a show or turn on a movie. Doing something together that doesn't take a lot of time or effort is just what we need to connect every once in a while. 

When While I do look forward to this, it has been getting a little routine and I usually fall asleep in the first 30 minutes.  So I have been trying to make more of an effort for our stay home date nights.  I tried to keep this in mind while shopping for Carey's Christmas gift this year. 


Carey is so hard to buy for, probably like every man!  So I always put in a lot of thought for his gifts and try to give him something that has more of meaning than just the material object. Liv and I were walking through Best Buy, which is always a sure place to find something good for Carey and we came across the Sonos PLAYBAR soundbar. 


We recently remodeled our basement, we have a big projection screen down there and have been talking about getting a home theater system put in but have not got around to it.  We have Sonos speakers throughout the rest of the house and we love them so I knew this soundbar would be a hit with him. This is a great way to get us out of bed and down in front of the big screen and mix things up a little!  We also found a few small things for dada's stocking while we were at Best Buy so it ended up being a one-stop shop for us! 

I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram so be sure to check it out and get the man in your life checked off your Christmas shopping list.

Much Love,

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