8 Week Meal Plan


Happy Thursday guys! I will be officially back to blogging next month, but for now, I am sharing the meal plan that I posted on my Instagram stories last week. I was sharing what I was doing to get some of the baby weight off and so many of you requested that I share my meal plan.

So you will find it attached along with the recipes that go with them.

Just a heads up, I made this specifically for me so I would not have to meal plan at all and so I knew I would always have healthy meals on hand. I am not making any claims this will help you lose weight, I am not a nutritionist or a dietition this is just what works for me. You will also see a lot of repeat meals and snacks, I am one of those people who can eat the same thing every day so if you are not, this might not be the plan for you. The dinners are nothing fancy, I picked the healthiest and easiest dinners that wouldn't cause me any stress. You also see a lot of 'leftovers' because of hockey the hubby is only home for a dinner a couple nights a week so eating leftovers when he is gone works well for us...again may not be ideal for your situation.

I did have breastfeeding in mind when making this so each day there is at least one snack/or meal that incorporates foods that are shown to increase milk supply. You will notice there are no serving sizes either, that is for this reason as well. Because I am breastfeeding I don’t want to limit my calories.

Lastly, I kind of threw this together (again, this was intended for just my personal use) I kept meaning to go through and edit it but never got around to it, so if there are typos or spelling errors no need to point them out.

Much Love,