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First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor, and you should 100 percent discuss any vitamins or supplements you want to start giving your little ones with your pediatrician.

I have been giving the girls vitamins since they were born, I have even contributed Liv's amazing immune system to it, but it was just recently I discovered that not all brands are created equally. I had been giving Millie BioGaia trying to battle her tummy issues since she was born, with no change. It took just one trip to our Naturopath who recommended a different probiotic and bam; we were seeing improvements within a week. That is when I revaluated what I was giving both my girls.


For Liv, we made the switch to Genuine Health probiotics (which I found at Nature's Fare if you are in the Kelowna area) I also added their Omega3 Kids +D3 and their fermented Organic gut superfoods + .

With so many products on the market, you might be asking why we went with Genuine Health products? First and most importantly, to me, is the ingredients. They use high-quality ingredients, like USDA organic superfood fruits and veggies and fish oils from wild and sustainable sources. You will not find any added sugar, artificial colors, or GMO ingredients in any of the products. And lastly, they are made in Canada! I always try to buy locally so I love the fact that they are made right here.

So I will give you guys a little run down on each of the supplements. For right now, Millie is just on a probiotic and vitamin D, once she is older, she will take these as well.


Advanced gut health probiotic for kids:

I give my girls a probiotic to help maintain their gut flora, which is linked to improved immunity, digestive health and so much more.

This specific probiotic has seven strains of bacteria, including Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, which our doctor really stressed the importance of and is among the most researched probiotic for promoting childhood health.

Omega3 Kids + D3

These supplements contain EPA, DHA and Vitamin D. I am sure most of you have heard about the benefits of taking fish oil pills and probably take them yourself, I started giving these to Liv recently after reading about research that shows these two essential fatty acids can affect children's behavior and mental outlook. And of course, Vitamin D3 which helps support cognitive health and the maintenance of bones and teeth. I also thought it was neat to learn that this supplement contains Lutein (derived from marigold) which is a carotenoid hight concentrated in the retina and helps filter blue light from screens and protect the retina from oxidative damage.

Fermented Organic gut superfoods + kids

I pride myself on giving my kids a healthy assortment of foods, and I keep their diets pretty clean, but I even find it hard to keep up with the recommendations for fruits and vegetables, so that is why we started incorporating this supplement as it contains 22 whole food based superfoods and prebiotic fiber. It comes in a powder form, so I just mix it in Liv's oatmeal or throw into her smoothie.

So that is our every day vitamin and supplement routine with Liv. Around flu season or if she is getting sick we will add vitamin C or Elderberry syrup. I will do another post soon talking about the importance of supplements for us adults!

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