Liv's 3 Year Update

I hate how fast our little girl is growing up but I love seeing her personality develop and getting glimpses of the person she is going to be. We recently had her third birthday in the states, the weather was perfect so we did a pool party theme. We gifted her with one of the little Banwood balance bikes from Rose & Rex and she loves it, so we will be working on learning to ride it this summer.


Personality- She is such a happy fun loving little girl. I have said it before, but it is so true she is the perfect mix of me and Carey. Loves to rough house, be silly, loads of energy but also loves her downtime and snacks (Carey) She always makes the best of any situation, loves to be clean and organized, always cleaning her toys up after playing (me).

It seems like she is getting a bit more of an attitude lately though, they say "terrible twos" but I think we are going to struggle with age 3 more so.

Parenting- We love the book series "Parenting with love and logic" and use a lot of what they talk about.

Milestones- She is such a smart little cookie (like every parent of every kid on the planet thinks) She has her colors pretty well down, just mixes up black, white and brown sometimes. Counts up to 20 and is starting to really learn her shapes.

We didn't put her in a daycare or preschool this summer so we make sure we put aside an hour or so a few times a week for "school work". Which consists of educational games (shape and letter puzzles, yard dominos that we use for counting, we also have a couple of workbooks from Livres Jeunesse that we love!

Food- Liv has always had an awesome appetite! As she is getting bigger and more opinionated it's harder to get to eat healthy foods like vegetables but regardless they are always offered to her and on her plate.

Potty Training- We potty trained Liv right before she turned two, we waited until she was showing signs of being ready and once we did it was a breeze. We, however, did not potty train for the night, looking back I wished we had done it all at once. So that is something we have been working on for the last couple of months. She still wears a pull-up at night but every morning it is dry she gets a sticker for her potty chart and a piece of chocolate. It is funny last year the potty chart was the motivator but this time around she is way more into the chocolate. Her diaper is dry about 90% of the time so once we run out of pull-ups we will stop putting them on her.

*I was reluctant to potty train her at night because I didn't want her waking me up at night to go potty, so we ended up just keeping one of her little potties in her room during the night to use and that has worked great for us.

So I think that just about covers it, if I am missing something comment below.

Much Love,