Good morning you guys! A few weeks ago I asked what you guys want to see more of a lot of you wanted to see more of our daily lives and was curious about our routine. So today's post is just going through a normal day for us. You guys asked for "a day in the life" so maybe I will do that on Instagram stories one of these days. I know a lot of you want to see more behind the scenes of hockey as well so this weekend I will try to show more.


6:00 am As Liv would say, it is time to wakey wakey. I try to wake up at least 30 minutes before the girls, so that puts my wake up time at 6. Millie wakes up at 6:30, I nurse her and get her changed which then puts us at 7 am, and that's when Liv gets up. She is usually awake before that, but we use the Gro Clock, so she doesn't get out of bed until 7.

My quiet time in the morning when I enjoy my coffee has always been important to me so I made sure Liv could play on her own in the morning. She gets a cup of barries and plays with her toys, and Millie chills while I have my coffee and read my daily devotions book.

8:00 am This is usually when Carey wakes up so we make breakfast and Liv usually eats with her dada. Three days a week she goes to a preschool, so once dad is out the door, we are often right behind him.

9:00 - 3:00 Liv is at school, and Carey is at the rink. My schedule is a bit all over the place depending on the day. Millie is at an excellent age to just tag along with me wherever so that's what we do. I usually get a workout in, spend a couple of hours on the computer, get errands done and any other random thing that is easier to do without my little tag along.

On the weekdays when Liv is home with us it is usually all about Liv, all play no work. We go to the park, do different crafts and activities, play dates, this is also when we do a lot of baking.

3:30 We are all usually coming in the front door around this time. Almost like clockwork Carey and I meet at the coffee machine for a second cup of the day. This is when we sit on the couch and catch up on anything we need to talk about. Then it is time to head into the kitchen to get dinner going, and Carey spends some time with Liv and Millie

5:00 We love an early dinner in our family, it is rare for us to be eating past 5:30. So we have dinner, get things cleaned up, maybe watch a little TV on the couch.

6:30ish Liv, Millie and I head upstairs to start bedtime routine and Carey heads to the basement to stretch. By 7:30 I usually leave Liv's room, but she is not asleep, some nights she will go right to bed other nights she gets up and plays in her room for an hour before hitting the sheets.

Then it is time for Millie's nighttime routine and I usually get her down by 8 pm.

8:00-10:00 This is my time, sometimes it's a face mask and binge-watching Netflix, some nights it working on the computer or reading.

10:00 Carey comes up from stretching, we usually have a show we are watching so we will watch an episode together before hitting the sheets.

Of course, this changes a lot from day to day depending on Carey's hockey schedule and if it is a game night, but overall this is a general overview of what our days look like. We are big homebodies so it's not a lot of going out or parties. I always tell people we are boring, haha now you can see for yourselves!