Hockey Q & A

Good morning! So many of you asked me to post more about hockey and the "behind the scenes" of the hockey world. So I will start doing more of that, starting this weekend! To kick things off I put together a quick Q&A of the most common hockey questions I get asked.


Other NHL couples we are close with?

We have made some amazing friends, most who once played with us in Montreal. It can be hard to keep in touch but we are still really close to the Georges and spend a lot of time together during the offseason. We keep in touch with the Moens, Gills, and Armstrongs.

During the offseason we live in Kelowna which has a ton of NHL players so we get to know people on other teams which is cool.

What do we do after hockey games?

We are so boring these days and just go right home! It is hard because the guys get out of the rink around 11 pm and I usually bring the kids so we need to get home and get them into bed.

How many games do I go to?

It is a little harder with Liv and Millie now, but I try to go to at least 2 a week. Saturday night games we stay for the entire game but if it is a weekday game we go and watch warm-ups and the first period and then head home.

Do I travel with Carey?

No, it is not common for the wives to travel with the guys in Hockey like maybe it is other sports.

Sometimes when the guys are going somewhere fun like Cali or Vegas our friends from back home will make a trip out of it so I will go to those games.

Other teams, I cheer for?

I guess I cheer for people more than specific teams. So if we have friends on a different team I will cheer for them.

What sucks about being a hockey wife?

I feel I could name a list of things that are not ideal or convenient but overall we have a really nice life so I hate to complain. I guess the biggest thing for me is being so far away from family.

Do I worry about girl fans?

I don't. I am not nieve, I know there is a lot of shady business in hockey relationships but it is not something I put energy in to. If I didn't trust my husband then I wouldn't have gotten married, it's not worth the mental toll.

With that said The Bible says 'For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all". So if there is ever something to know I will eventually find out and can deal with it then.

Will Hockey Wives come back?

I can not believe how many questions I got about Hockey Wives!! I didn't realize so many of you loved that show so much! I don't keep in touch with the producers or anything but I don't think it will come back. Moving from season 2 to 3 they had a really hard time keeping the cast together which in my opinion kind of killed the show.

I did love my experience though and so happy I did it.

Was I a hockey fan before Carey?

No, not at all. I probably couldn't even name an NHL team.

What was my first thought when Carey was drafted?

Where the heck is Montreal?!

To be honest I am a little embarrassed about my knowledge of Canada before I met Carey. The only reason I had ever even heard of Montreal was because it was on a Friends episode, Ross falls asleep on the train and ends up in Montreal. So I had a lot of googling to do that day.

Am I learning French?

Nah. I tried, I really did give a solid effort but it just wasn't fun and didn't see myself every using after we leave Montreal so I threw in the towel. I will have our kids learn it though!