Vegas Recap

Last week we spent the week in Vegas.  The Canadiens were playing there, so we used that as an excuse for a bunch of friends and family to get together there. We didn't leave the strip, but there is so much to do right there that we stayed busy the entire time. In today's post, I am giving a quick rundown of our trip! 


Photos by Marie Photographe

I am going to get right into this little black dress because everyone seems to love it! I bought it almost a year ago, I have searched high and low, but I can not find this exact dress, but the good news is Alice McCall makes a ton of dresses with the same concept. I even found one that I think I like better than mine. I linked some of my favorites below. Her dresses are a bit on the expensive side, but they are great quality, and I can see myself keeping this dress forever.  And every girl should have a show stopper dress in her closet. 

For my hockey game look, I kept it casual but added a little Vegas flair with these boots. A lot of you commented on them, and they are from Steve Madden. They also come in green, I am half debating getting them too. 


My favorite part of the trip was definitely the hockey game. First off, I was so taken back by the number of hockey fans in that city.  You couldn't walk down the street without seeing a least a hundred people in different hockey jerseys; it was so nice to see an expansion team just killing it like that. Around the arena was such an awesome atmosphere. Almost like an LA Live vibe, but way more alcohol. A ton of open-air bars, seating, live music, cornhole...just an all-around fun area. The game itself was such a production, something they could only pull off in Vegas. Even the intermissions were entertaining with Cirque Du Soleil and The Blueman Group. If you have a chance, you need to see a hockey game here. 

Kids in Vegas

I got a lot of questions about taking kids to Vegas. For us it was fine, and we saw a ton of other kids there...but with that said I don't think I would take older kids. Liv is so small she doesn't really understand what is going on. She liked all the lights, action and the "nakey" people on the streets. But I would hate to explain everything going on to an older child. And there was not a lot to do with kids on the strip.  We went on the high roller observation wheel, explored Brooklyn Bowl, toured the hotels, and hit up the M&M store...and that is about it. If we do this trip again with kids, we will for sure spend some time off the strip. 


We didn't hit as many restaurants as I would have liked but here are some of my favorites:

Egg Slut: Don't go here if you are trying to eat light, but if you are recovering from a late night then this is the place for you! 

Koi: This restaurant has mixed reviews, but I always have had great meals here. I knew it wasn't a super kid-friendly place but I went ahead and took Liv with us and they were great about it! 

STK: I had been to STK in New York a few years back and loved it so we decided to go here for Valentines Day. Again, not a super kid-friendly restaurant but we took Liv and they were nothing but nice about it. ( We did get a few glares from a couple across the way enjoying a romantic date night...but I just smiled and waved) 

China Poblano: We randomly ended up here. We had a party of 12 and wanted to go to a restaurant that was close by and not too pricey. The food is a blend of Mexican and Chinese, sounds bizarre but the food was amazing. Again, we had Liv and they were pretty kid friendly and offered a high chair. 

* A note about taking Liv to restaurants. We will take Liv to just about any restaurant, but when we do we try to always take the earliest reservation.  From experience we know she does okay without a highchair, so we don't have to worry about that. I do pack the diaper bag with coloring books and small activities she can do at the table. I do make sure to order an appy for her the second we sit down. Usually, if she has snacks, she stays father like daughter ;). 


We stayed at Planet Hollywood; this is a hotel I usually stay at while in Vegas. It is not an overly nice hotel or anything, but it is centrally located on the strip which makes life so much easier. It is also connected to a mall that has literally everything you could need. If you don't care about your location on the stip, then MGM would be my next pick for a hotel to stay at. 

Night Life

Hakkasan is my all time favorite club in Vegas. I don't normally follow DJ's at all, but I get into it a little while I am in Vegas. So we went here Friday night to see Steve Aoki. 

Saturday night we ended up at OMNIA nightclub. I have been to this one a few times, it is fun and easier to get in to then Hakkasan. 

For our low key nights, or even to just start off the evening we like to go to one of the many piano bars. This trip we went the one in the Paris and then one in Harrahs. 

Okay, I think I covered just about everything! If I missed anything comment below. 

Much Love,