Low Key Stay-In Date Night Ideas

Well, tomorrow is Valentines Day, does anyone have big plans? Valentines Day is not a big deal in our house...like at all. We do try to make an effort to spend time together in the evening if the hubby in town but neither of us are big romantics, we are both super low key and we keep our relationship that way too. 
I always hear about the importance of date nights, especially once you have kids... you know keeping the romance alive and all of that. But if you are like my hubby and me then these forced date nights do not sound enticing. Lucky for us we have found that we can 'keep the romance alive' without leaving the comfort of our own home. 
I put together a list of 8 low key stay-in date night ideas. 


Photo by Marie Photographe

Stay-In Date Night Ideas:

1. Make a bucket list together
          If you haven't done this with your partner, you need to. Carey and I sat down one night a couple of years ago and put together our list, and I learned so much about him that night. We still have the list to this day and are slowly checking things off of it. 

2. Darts / Cornhole
          Seems like a no-brainer but we both always have so much going on we never go to the basement to play a game of darts together. It is fun now and then when we take the time to do so. In the summer we do the same thing but with cornhole. 

3. Decorate cookies
           This might sound girly but if you make it into a little competition on who can decorate the best then your guy's competitive side will come out, and it ends up being a fun evening. 

4.  Plan your dream vacation 
          Just laying in bed while watching TV we will start talking about where we want to travel. Before we know it we have the computer out, popcorn made and we are planning out the entire vacation. We have never followed through on it, but it has always been fun planning and hearing where each other wants to travel and what we want to see.

5. Play a video game
         Again, I feel like I never have time for a video game but now and then the hubby will want to play so I will sit down for a quick game of NHL or Guitar Hero. Almost every time it turns in to a huge competition, and we end up playing for hours. 

6. Pull the cars out of the garage and play ball hockey 
        We haven't done this one in a long time, but it use to be a regular thing for us. We have even gone out there with other couples when they have been over for dinner...(and after a bottle or two of wine). 

7. Movie Night
         This one is a fun one for me because Carey has not seen any of the old classics. On New Year's Eve, we stayed in and watched Grease. I love seeing Carey's reaction to these types of movies and it is usually a good laugh. We go all out, get our favorite ice cream, make air-popped popcorn, pull lots of blankets and pillows on the floor. Don't underestimate how great movie night at home can be.

8. Make your favorite dessert
       I spend so much time in the kitchen that when the hubby is in there with me, it seems like such a treat. We end up on Pinterest picking out crazy things to cook and is always a great way to spend an evening. 

Happy Valentines Day!