Spring Makeup

It is the first day of Spring!!!! I don't even care that it is still freezing outside and there is snow on the ground because the end is in sight! 

The last month or so I have slowly been moving into more spring colors for my makeup. Meaning, more pinks, light sparkle and just an overall clean look. 

This past weekend when I had my face all done up to go out I got a lot of questions about what makeup I use so today's post is all about my favorite products I am using right now. 


Photos by Mari Photographe

First and foremost, the foundation and the concealer! I have been using Dior spray foundation for at least eight years; I am simply obsessed with it.  Goes on so, so easy, its light, airy and stays so well...biggest downfall is the price though. It is on the spendy side, so I try to save it for going out or more special occasions, probably not an everyday foundation. *My sister had told me that she heard the Sephora brand spray foundation was just as good, and half the price! So I tried it and HATED it, stick with Dior! 

The Tarte Shape Tape concealer is hands down the best I have used. My girlfriend introduced it to me this past summer, and now it is one of the first makeup products I recommend. 

Also new to me is this Lise Waiter corrector pallet. I have tried these in the past and always felt like they dried out my skin, well not this one! 

For bronzer, I have been stuck on Anastasia Beverley Hills for quite a few years now and still loving it. 

For spring I switched to Tarte blush (was my first time trying it), and I think I like it better than my usual go-to MAC blush. 

Also for spring, I have started using Smashbox highlighter as well as this eyeshadow pallet. The Pallet is awesome, has great colors to go from day to night. 

Lastly, I will mention MAC eyeshadow in color 'Omega.' This is just my overall go to for eyes and brows. 

Ohhh yeah, and eyeliner! I hate eyeliners; I feel like they always smudge and end up smeared under my eyes. So instead I just use black eyeshadow and a brow brush...been doing this for years and like it so much better. 

Much Love,