Hey guys! I talk a lot about being a conscious consumer, but it is not always easy. To truly be a conscious consumer it takes a lot of time and effort, can you imagine thoroughly researching every item you purchase?! That could easily take up every minute of your day!  So instead of letting that discourage you, take time and celebrate small changes you have made or could make. An excellent place to start, your morning cup of joe! 


I announced a couple of weeks ago that I have partnered with Nespresso as part of their Tastemakers Society. We have obviously been drinking Nespressocoffee for a long time, but I was excited to be able to share more about Nespresso with you guys for a number of reasons. Not only are their machines easy to use, allowing you to make a versatile range of coffees, every capsule is also recyclable!
When the capsules are sent to the Nespresso recycling center, they are crushed so that the coffee grounds are separated from the aluminum. The coffee grounds are transformed into green energy or compound rich in nutrient. After recovery, the aluminum is re-melted for reuse in the industrial sector.  
This takes away any guilt we had using single serve coffee, which let's face it, is a life changer in the mornings! 
Remember big or small the changes you make do make a difference!
If you want to find out which Nespresso recycling option is available in your region, you can look directly on Nespresso’s website. 

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Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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