8 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great While Traveling

Hey guys! I am keeping my intro nice and short because 'This Is Us' starts in 8 minutes! So let's get right down to it, today I am answering one of my most asked questions, how to take care of your skin while traveling, I put together a list of 8 tips I do that keeps my skin looking good throughout all my travels! 


While traveling a lot of things get pushed aside, for most of us that includes our skincare routine (no way am I packing all of my face products.) That along with a change in sleep, climate, diet and added stress you may notice your skin isn't looking as great as it did before your vacation. 


8 Skin Care Tips For Traveling

1. Prepare your skin. A few days before you go, give your skin a little extra TLC. Exfoliate, use your ultra hydrating cream, or better yet use a hydration mask! 

2. Pack the basics (and any favorite items and keep it gentle. Your skin is under enough stress; this is not the time to use any harsh products; I even leave my beloved Clarisonic at home while I am traveling. I pack a gentle cleanser (I love the Corpa Flora Camellia Facial Cleansing Oil). A Hydrating moisturizer (Skin Ceuticals Face Cream). A nighttime oil (Corpa Flora Eclat Cirouille) And most importantly SUNSCREEN (Skin Ceuticals UV Defense). 

3. Go light on your makeup on travel days. If you are going to be flying, then you are going to be on a plane with a lot of nasty germs floating around. Your foundation will settle into your pores and will attract microorganisms (this is also why you want to avoid touching your face altogether). Your foundation can also cause your skin to dry out throughout your travel day.  You are best going bare faced if you can pack some light makeup or BB cream to apply when you land. 

4. Drink a crapload of water!!  When you think you have drunk enough, drink more. You can even go above and beyond and pick hydrating foods (like fruits) during your travel day. 

5. Instead of doing makeup touch-ups during the day, use a mineral water spray. This will keep your skin from drying out even more and will make you look hydrated and fresh-faced. 

6. When you arrive, do a hydrating face mask. You will always find a  Skin Ceuticals or Flawless by Friday face mask in my cosmetic bag. 

7. Don't forget about your eyes; they get dry too! Be sure to use eye drops. 

8. If under your eyes is the problem and you didn't pack any under eye patches not to worry. Put some ice in a washcloth and hold under your eyes for a couple of minutes and those bags will disappear. 

appy Travels!