Traveling From Snow to Sun

Holy smokes it is already February 1st! I know January can seem like it drags on but the last few weeks have been so busy it has flown by for us. We have been traveling quite a bit (luckily it has been too warm destinations), and I have another trip coming up. In a couple of weeks, Liv and I are heading to Vegas!!! It is supposed to be 75 and sunny so I can not wait. I am meeting a lot of friends and family there so it should be a great time. 
The last few trips I have gotten a lot of questions about traveling and what I am packing for the different weather so I thought I would put together a post for you guys. 


I try to travel as light as possible, especially since I am sharing half of my suitcase with Miss Liv. 
So starting with my airport look, in my first picture, I am wearing faux leather leggings with black top and sweater. I am always on the chilly side on the planes, so I dress on the warmer side with layers.  When traveling in the winter, we always take the first flight out so we usually get in before check in time at the hotel. So with this outfit, I just whip of the leggings and pull down the dress (that I was using as a shirt), and I don't have to waste time opening up my entire suitcase on the floor in the airport bathroom. 


You have also seen me using these HAIST handbags a lot; they are especially great while traveling. I bought them as a trio, so you have the large tote, a crossbody, and a clutch. So I bring these three bags while traveling and I am covered for every look. 
My suitcases are from Calpak; I got mine from Nordstrom. Below I linked my exact bag but also added a few fun ones that I may get next. (I travel a ton, so my suitcases usually last me a year or two). 


I wanted to share these two products that have made my travel so much easier.
First, the BEST travel coat ever. It is from the Under Armour Cold Gear line, so it is pretty warm for how lightweight it is, but the best part is that you can quickly stuff it in the top of your suitcase once you get to the airport and it takes up hardly any room. 
Second, is this cosmetic storage bag. It is nothing fancy, $12 on Amazon but just makes keeping all my girly products organized a lot more easily.

I am going to leave you with my top 5 tips to feeling your best while traveling:
Feeling your best while traveling:
1. Book the first flight leeway for travel delays and helps ensure you will make it to your destination, in turns making it a less stressful travel day.
    * I rarely book first class, but I always check for an upgrade when I check in. About 70 percent of the time I get it and at hundreds of dollars cheaper than if I         booked it in the first place. 
2. Hydrate - once we get through security the first thing we do is buy a large bottle of water and try to have it gone by the time we land.
3. Eat healthy - it is so tempting when you are at the airport and short on time to grab fast food, but it is only going to make you feel worse. 
4. Travel light (on the plane) - Chapstick, earbuds, charger, and Ipad is all I really need nowadays. 
5. Get outside. When you get to your destination spend some time outside and soak in that fresh air. I once read a study that showed the "grounding or earthing" helped with jet leg, there is not a lot of science behind it, but it is something I do. 
    *Don't know what grounding is? I feel silly sharing because it is kind of out there, but it is an interesting subject.  In short, earthing or grounding is putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. So take off your shoes and walking in the grass/sand or whatever! 

Much Love,