Liv's 10 Month Update

Our baby girl is ten months old! How fun is this age?! Every day she seems like she is doing something new to steal our hearts. She also seems to be testing us a little more every day. 


Her personality has begun to show the past month or so. She is very much like her daddy, chill, quite, does great playing by herself. She is also showing sign of his humor and what she finds funny. Makes me smile hearing them laughing together all the time. 
She is demanding more and more attention and seems to be doing things just to gauge our reactions. We have started using the word no pretty frequently in the last week or two. 


- This girl is still not crawling!  She does have quite the scootching maneuver down though and can quickly move across the room.  
- Waves goodbye.  Starting to blow kisses. 
- Dances whenever music plays. 
- Points at everything....her little pointer finger is easily the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
- Finally mastered drinking out of a sippy cup. 
- Has just recently started cuddling more...and I am eating up every second of it. 
- Says Dada and has said mama a couple of times. Dada definitely wins this one, though. 

- Snacks! This girl loves her food. 
- Her jelly cat monkey. She sleeps with him every night. 
- She loves JT, whenever his music comes on she starts dancing and clapping. 
- Riding on dad's shoulders
- Holding her round blocks in her mouth. 
- Sucking on her toes
- Petting the dogs
- Sharing her long as you give them back right away. 
- Sharing her snacks with the dogs. 
- Loves to breastfeed. I am nervous thinking about having to wean her off here in two months. 

- The blow dryer...I have to wait until she is down for a nap to do my hair, haha. 
- She absolutely hates getting her face wiped. 
- Hates car rides when she's tired...well, hates doing anything when she is tired. 

She pretty much eats anything and everything. This girl has quite the appetite, and loves her snacks! Her favorite food is probably a banana; you can't even pick one up in front of her without her demanding a bite. Same goes with green juice. 
The only thing I have noticed she has not really taken to is yogurt. We have only given her plain, so I guess I can't blame her, haha. 

I use to pride myself on being an early riser. Well, I don't have anything on Liv. She goes down around 7 pm and sleeps through the night but usually wakes between 5:30 - 6:30. Sometimes I will bring her to bed with me, and she will sleep another hour or so, but I am trying not to make that a habit. 
Naps are different every day. For the most part, she will have one really good nap, usually around an hour and a half. Her other nap is usually a quick one, 30 to 45 minutes. I am getting excited about the thought of having her down to just one nap!!  

Much Love,