Holiday Travel

Hi guys! On Sunday Liv and I traveled to my hometown in Washington State. I always make an effort to get home for Thanksgiving since I usually stay in Quebec for Christmas. It has been awhile since most of the family has seen Liv, so everyone was thrilled to hear that we were coming for a visit. 
I was so excited to head home but not excited about the flight. It is a bit of a treck to get home since I am from a small town it usually requires multiple stops. Since Liv is under the age of two, I am still traveling with her on my lap, which adds a bit of extra stress! 


try to make traveling as painless as possible. For me, that means packing 99% of my things in my checked luggage and just carrying on what I will need for Liv. It is funny to look back to when I would travel solo; I would literally have a huge bag full of stuff for the flight, now I am down to chapstick and my wallet, haha. This time around I used my Haist bag that you saw in my previous post. Lot's of compartments and plenty of room, so it made it easy to stay organized.


I get asked all the time about traveling with a baby / small child, so I want to share a couple of items that can make life a little easier. 
irst off the GB Pockit Stroller. They claim to be the worlds smallest folding stroller. A friend told me about this stroller knowing I travel a lot so I bought it right away, and I use it every time I travel now.  The benefit of it folding up so small is that you can roll it right on the plane! If you are a mom, then you know how hard it can be getting the babe out (and laying them on the nasty floor) so you can fold up the stroller to get it loaded under the plane. With this stroller, you stroll right on the plane to your seat. Put the baby in the seat while you fold the stroller (which is soooo easy by the way) and then put it in the overhead bin. Same when deplaning, say goodbye to trying to get organized in the middle of the jet bridge.  
This stroller is also great for vacation, or wherever you are flying too. It is light so easy to transport and doesn't take up hardly any room in the taxi. I can't say enough about this stroller, if you travel a lot like me, then it is worth considering. 

Much Love,