Workout Gear. All Day, Every Day.

Good morning guys. I am off to another great, but busy week. I got to spend my Monday at the MIRA Foundation along with a few of the other wives and girlfriends from the team. It was pretty much the perfect morning, and I learned so much about the foundation. I will share more about the Foundation later this week. 
But anyways, arlier this month I posted a gym/all day look, and a lot of you seemed to really like that and requested similar looks. So today is another casual, everyday, gym to errands look. 


A few things I will note for this look. I am wearing yoga pants and sports bra from Aurum Activewear. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite activewear brands...I think I like them better than Lululemon, which seems crazy that I am saying that.  But their stuff is that good. Super high quilty and stays tight fitting all day. I find that my high waist lulu's stretch out through the day, that is not the case with these. They keep you nice and sucked in all day long, haha. 
ou once again seeing the famous denim jacket (famous, because I wear it almost daily) from H&M. I'm wearing these super fun gold runners from Adidas. I got them last season so not sure if they still have them, but just shows mixing up your shoes is a fun way to add a little somethin somethin to your workout looks. I try to make an effort of throwing on a couple pieces of jewelry too, so that it is a more put together look.  Here I am wearing my new favorite jewelry line, Jugar N Spice


I wanted to also take a minute to talk about my bag. This has been the most mom-friendly stylish bag ever, and I am in love with it.  It is from HAIST, and this is kind of a do it all bag. It is hard to explain so definitely take a second and check out the website that has a video that really shows the uses of this bag. But essentially it's your every day, all day bag, from morning to night. Inside this large bag there are two pockets for a matching day purse, and then an evening purse. (I am going to use this bag for traveling next week so I will snap a picture of the inside to share with you) So, for example, I usually carry this large bag along with the day purse inside of it. So I can have gym stuff, diapers, snack, whatever in the big par, but then I can also just grab the little handbag to run into the grocery store. Just makes life as a mom a little bit more organized...and a lot more stylish. 

Much Love,