39 Week Bump Update

How Far along: 39 weeks and 3 days...but who's counting ;)

Symptoms: Feels like my body is sure getting ready for this birth. Lots of lower back pain, hip pain and cramping. Most of which started in the last week. 

Weight gain: I am up 36lbs   

Maternity clothes: Nothing is comfortable....nothing. Pretty much if I don't have to leave the house I am living in my husbands sweats! I am sure he is getting anxious to get his clothes back haha. 

Sleep: Omg sleep, I miss it! Every few days I get a decent night in and I feel like a new person! But currently running on just a couple stretches of an hour or two. 

Preparations: The hospital has been toured, our bags are packed (looks more like we are going on a week vacation than a two night stay but at least we will have everything we could need!) The nursery is ready...just need baby now! 

Looking forward to: Is it a boy?! Is it a girl?! So funny, I stayed so strong this entire time but now if I could find out I totally would. 

On My Mind: What is not on my mind might be an easier question haha. But mostly wanting to finish up those last few books I have been meaning to read.  Getting everything organized and inline so I have minimal to do the week after baby arrives. Getting the fridge/freezer stocked. The list goes on.... Ohh and we still don't have baby names, really putting it off to last minute! 

Here is hoping this is my last update before baby arrives! 
Lots of Love,