Working out with Mags

It was 2009; I had just moved to Montreal to be with my boyfriend at the time who plays hockey on the Montreal Canadiens. His best friend on the team was Josh Georges. One night after a game we go to you Montrealers remember that burger joint?! We loved it, sad it shut down. But anyways, Carey brings to the bar and introduces me to "josh's friend" Maggie. Thinking she was just the flavor of the week, I hardly said hello before walking off. Total bitch, right?! I know, but back then (Carey was one of the only guys in a serious relationship) I saw a lot of girls come and go and I was sick of wasting my time getting to know them to have them gone the next week. Anywayyyys fast forward to her next visit to Montreal (After Carey came home from a road trip saying Josh had changed and he thinks he is really serious about this Maggie girl) I reach out to her to see if she wanted to go to the hockey game together. The next day she asked if I wanted to go to the gym with her, I said yes not knowing what I was getting myself in to.

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I had never really been into working out, I played sports growing up, and that always kept me in shape. After college, I pretty much just hit up the cardio machines when I would go to the gym.

Before I knew it, Maggie moved to Montreal, and I was working out with her five days a week. She totally transformed the way I worked out. She showed me that just posting up on the cardio machines the entire time was a waste and would not get me the results I wanted. It was the first time I was lifting weights..and heavyweights at that. We were doing high-intensity workouts, and I felt like I wanted to die pretty much every day at the gym, but it was the best I had ever felt and looked.

Fast forward 10 years (yikes), and I still love her style of working out and always look forward to the summers when I am back in BC and get to work out with her regularly. That is why I am so PUMPED that she launches her new workout app tomorrow!! She currently has an 8-week gym workout and 6-week at-home workout that will kick your ass.

She is letting me share with you one of her workouts so you can get an idea of what to expect.

5 minute warm-up

Circuit 1: 2 rounds x 6.5 minutes each

a) Banded squat jumps 12 reps

b) Push Up 12 reps

c) Banded Lateral Jump 20 reps, 10 per side

Circuit 2: 2 rounds x 6.5 minutes each

a) Banded Squat Lateral Kick 16 reps, 8 per side

b) Banded Mountain Climber 30 reps, 15 per side

c) V-sit 10 reps

Finisher - I round x reps

a) Bodyweight squat 150 reps

b) Jump Lunge 100 reps, 50 per side

c) Donkey Kick 100 reps, 50 per side

5 minute cool down

Angela Price