Millie's 2 Month Update


Weight: 12lbs


Millie is strictly breastfed, and I plan to do this for her first 6 months. I will continue to breastfeed for a year but with Liv, at 6 months I stopped pumping and once our stored milk ran out she got formula when she was not with me. I will probably do the same with Millie, but I am storing milk a lot more efficiently this time around so hoping our supply will last a bit longer.

She is eating every 2-3 hours.


She is sleeping in the Snoo like a champ, or was before we got alittle cold. She wakes once during the night for feeding around 2 am.

When I first posted that we were down to one feeding during the night, I had a lot of questions asking how we did it. The short answer is we didn't do anything, we were blessed with a good sleeper (which was well deserved after Liv who to this day is not a good sleeper). The first week we brought Millie home she was sleeping great and we had to wake her for feedings, but I will say the Snoo helped considerably. Millie would give us a solid 6-hour stretch but after that, she would want her pacifier inserted every 45 minutes or so. Once we moved to the Snoo we no longer had that problem.


-She is a lot more alert

- Smiling constantly

- Loves looking in the mirror

- Coos, and loves when you coo back to her

- she can roll over from back to front, making tummy time hard

Favorite things:

Loves her rock and play, mama roo, and of course the Snoo.

She is starting to have a little interest in toys, we have a little owl that she seems to love.


6:30 am Wake Time and nurse

7:30 I pump and store usually around 4oz

9:30 Feeding

10:00 - 5:00 she is fed every 2.5 to 3 hours and we offer her a nap after an hour and half of wake time. I am on the go quite a bit so this is different all every day. When she gets to the point where she is napping only 3 times a day I will start implementing more of a routine.

5:00 In the few hours leading up to bedtime I nurse more often, maybe every hour and a half.

7:30 Bedtime routine, which consists of nursing and a diaper change.

8:00 Put to bed in the Snoo with one waking around 2:30 am.

Much Love,