Bahamas Family Vacation

Good morning guys! I am finally sharing about our trip to the Bahamas last month. Millie was just a few weeks old so we went back and forth on if we should even go on vacation and if so should we chance leaving the country.

At the end of the day, we decided to go ahead and go to the Bahamas. I have gotten a ton of questions about safety and traveling with babies and my response every time is to ask your doctor. Just because we did it doesn't mean it is the right choice for your family or situation.


As I said we decided on the Bahamas, we had never been before but they had sunshine and a direct flight so we thought why not! We stayed at the Atlantis which is a HUGE resort with a ton to do. I would 100% recommend the Atlantis for a family vacation...if you don't want kids around then this is not the place for you.

The Atlantis has 6 main towers, we stayed at the Reef. We chose this one because it was off to the side, away from the action. Every room also came with a full kitchen which I wanted since I was planning on pumping while we were there. We were surprised by how large the rooms were! We brought my sister along on the trip so we ended up getting a one bedroom suite.

Carey and I stayed in the bedroom with Millie and my sister and Liv took the pull out bed in the main living space. Our room also came with a twin size blow up mattress so we ended up using that for Liv. At home, Millie was sleeping in the rock and play next to our bed so we just packed that up and brought it with us!

I got a lot of questions on this subject too, even if my sister didn't come I think the 1 bedroom suite was perfect for situaiton with the kids. Though, if you wanted to keep costs down we for sure could have made a regular room with two queens work.


While we were there we spent most of the time on the beach, you have access to a few beaches on the Atlantis property so they never felt overly crowded. We were able to buy beach toys on the resort (around $15 for a bucket with 5 toys) so no need to pack toys from home.

The hubby brought his golf clubs and he hit the course every day during the kid's nap time. He said the course was nice and would recommend it.

We hit up the pool and waterslides one of the days, which was more fun for us than it was for Liv I think, haha. One morning we did get rain so we checked out the shops and explored the aquarium which Liv loved.

As for food (which is crazy expensive just fyi) I put in an order a week before we went to have groceries delivered to our hotel. It worked out great, right when we checked in they told us our groceries were delivered and that the concierge would bring them to our room. This way we were able to have breakfast and a couple of lunches in our room.

We did check out their restaurants for dinner, our favorite probably being Seafire Steak House. We also enjoyed Nobu and Olives. The service was pretty outstanding at all the restaurants.

You have the option to pay with your room key everywhere on the resort which I would recommend. For one it is super convenient not having to take your wallet everywhere but I also feel like it is safer. My sister used her credit card at one of the luxury shops on the resort and about 2 hours later she got a fraud alert, and someone had stolen her cc number!!


Lastly, I was asked about having Millie on vacation with us. It surprisingly was super easy! We brought our Baby Zen travel stroller with us and Millie just chilled in that the entire vacation. All the restaurants were pretty kid friendly so they were fine with us parking the stroller right next to the table. We even brought it to the beach with us, you can't push it through the sand but Carey just carried it to where we were posting up. It really worked great for us, and if you saw on my stories it comes with a little toddler attachment so Liv was able to ride along when her legs got tired.

Okay, I think that covers everyone's questions. I hope this was helpful. If I missed anything please ask your question in a comment on the Instagram post correlated with this blog, that is the easiest way for me to answer questions!

Much Love,