Christmas Card Shoot

We always shoot our Christmas card photos in the fall. I love taking family photos this time of year, so we usually do general family photos and then do a quick wardrobe change and shoot some holiday card looks. So we did these photos at the same time we shot our maternity family photos. This also gives us plenty of time to get Christmas cards ordered ahead of time which takes away some of the holiday stress.


Picking out outfits for family photos:

I get asked a ton about picking out outfits for family photo shoots. You can click here to see Shutterfly's tips for this topic. I am not one who follows these rules much though. You can see one of them is never match and don't wear black or white, haha. These are some of the rules I follow:

- Coordinate colors, you don't have to match but can. I would never have everyone wearing the same color though. I do usually try to avoid matching but sometimes you have limited options and I wanted to show that you can still get great photos even when one or two people match.

- Keep it classic, I don't like to wear anything too trendy when it comes to family photos.

-Add texture. I love how photos look when you have different textures or light patterns. Don’t overdue it here though. In the picture above we added texture with Carey’s sweater and Liv’s skirt.

-I pick out outfits at least a week ahead of time, this gives me plenty of -time if I need to run out and get anything extra to pull our looks together.

- I start by picking out an outfit for the most difficult person to dress. Normally this would be Liv, but for this particular shoot with me being pregnant I picked out my outfit first and went from there. I then picked out Liv's outfit (2nd hardest to dress) and then lastly picked out Carey's.

I hope that helps a little!

Much Love,