Bump Update - 3rd Trimester


How Far Along: 3rd trimester

Sex: We are not finding out.

Food: This is a tough one, I don't have a lot of room in there these days, so I am doing more grazing than anything. Not craving much of anything, in particular, getting excited about all the holiday treats though.

Missing: Wine, with the fall weather I would love to curl up with a glass of red wine so I am definitely missing that right now.

Symptoms: Ugh. I am having a healthy pregnancy, so I don't want to complain. But I do find that I am carrying this baby a lot lower than I did with Liv which is pretty uncomfortable, my hips and lower back seem to ache all the time. I have restless leg syndrome this time around, which I did not have with Liv. Other

The baby is moving like crazy, a lot more than Liv ever did so that has been fun...except for in the middle of the night, haha.

Weight gain: My first pregnancy I weighed myself almost weekly which has not been the case this time around. I only check my weight at my doctor appointments and try to avoid looking even then, haha. The weight is coming on a lot quicker this time, at my last appointment I was at 25 pounds.

Difference in Pregnancies: I mentioned it earlier, but I am carrying a lot lower this pregnancy. With Liv I pretty much only gained weight in my midsection, this time around I seemed to have gained a majority of it in my hips and ass...funny when I am not pregnant that is always the hardest area for me to put weight on.

Other than that, this baby seems to move around a lot more and carries a lot harder punch!

Stretch marks: Luckily none yet. I use the Honest brand belly balm 3 - 4 times a week.

Maternity clothes: It is all I am wearing these days. I recently got some great pieces from Yomama Maternity that I will share in the next couple of weeks. I also really like PinkBlush Maternity for staple pieces.

Sleep: It is hit and miss, between getting up to pee and being uncomfortable I am not getting the most quality sleep.

Health: I feel like I have been kind of taking a beating this pregnancy, I can't seem to stay healthy. The smallest cold seems to take me down, and I am currently recovering from a nasty bug that went through our house over the last week.

Preparations: I feel pretty ready. We didn't change Liv's nursery at all so the babe will get all her old stuff, just a few things to still order like a sound machine. We think we have a girls name picked out, but we still can not agree on a boy's name. So if you have any good suggestions pass them my way!

Exercise: Still trying to make it to the gym a few times a week. Mostly doing light weights mixed with some cardio...though, just walking up the stairs feels like a cardio workout these days! I get asked a lot about this topic, so I will soon start sharing a different workout each week..stay tuned.

Much Love,