Q&A: Relationship and Family

A few weeks ago I did that question thing on Instagram stories and got such a great response that it inspired this post. Most of your questions feel into a few categories so I will do a post for each...since it was our anniversary this past weekend today's category will be relationship and family.  Once the hockey season starts I will do a similar post about hockey...so if you have any questions on the topic send them my way. 


How did you and Carey meet?
Carey and I met when we were teenagers, he was playing hockey for Tri-City Americans in my hometown and one of my best friends were dating his teammate. So she introduced us and we hit it off right away. Since then there has been a lot of off and on over the years. But after some time apart we both decided to settle down with each other. We have now been married for 5 years. 

Wedding Song?  
You make it look easy by Eric Church

How we balance work/personal lives?
We don't! With this lifestyle its just too hard to separate the two. 

Our favorite vacation spot?
We love Hawaii, or favorite island being Maui. 

Where we live after hockey is over?
We have absolutely no idea! We think somewhere in the states though, probably in the pacific northwest. Maybe Idaho?!

Favorite date night?  
We are homebodies so I would say chilling at home watching a movie. I did a post a while back about some of our favorite low key date nights, you find it here

Key to a happy marriage?
Gratitude, appreciation and communication. 

Favorite thing to do as a family?
Anything outdoors! 

Who is good cop/ bad cop when it comes to Liv?
This depends...the hubby is defiantly the bad cop when it comes to behavior issues. But when it comes to things like bedtime and healthy eating I am the bad cop for sure. 

Do we have a nanny?
We don't. Liv does go to school a few times a week which gives me time to work on my things and we are lucky to have my sister who will come help when needed. I don't ever really see us needing a nanny to be honest. (Note, I say this when we just have one pretty well behaved child. This could change once more kids are the mix.)

How many kids do we want? 
I think 3 max of our own but then we are open to adoption. I would like to put the cap at 4 or 5. Again, this could totally change once we start having more kids, so who knows! 

Much Love,