Bump Update - 2nd Trimester

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How Far Along:  2nd Trimester, 5 months

Sex:  We are keeping it a surprise again this time around! 

Food: I have been craving junk food a lot more this pregnancy. The first trimester was pretty bad, but now I have slowly been getting back to my normal eating routine, just with a lot more snacks...and carbs.  

Gotta Have: Sourdough toast, pasta, avocado toast.
Keep it Away: I do not have very many food aversions so far. 

Missing: Cocktails! It feels like I have been in bars or wine tasting so much more this summer than usual! 

Symptoms: I really can't complain, I have been feeling pretty good overall. The first trimester I was soooooooooo tired. At one point I thought maybe I was depressed because it was just so hard to get motivated to get out of bed, but I think it was just being exhausted. Been feeling a lot better the last few weeks though. 

Weight gain:  Just about 15 pounds. But boy oh boy that bump came in with the quickness this time around. I started showing at like ten weeks! 

Difference in Pregnancies:  As I said, the bump came in a lot earlier, I felt the baby move at like 16 weeks which is normal I guess, but I wasn't able to feel Liv move like this until I was like 25 weeks, so that has been pretty different. I am a lot more tired with this pregnancy, but that could just be due to being a little older and having a little one I am chasing. 

Stretch marks: Luckily none yet. I loved the Honest brand bump cream last pregnancy so I will be using that again. 

Maternity clothes: Ummm yes. I feel like my hips started widening right away, so my jeans haven't fit for a while.  I didn't have much to wear either since I wasn't pregnant during the summer last time. So I got some great basics from Yo Mama Maternity and Pink Blush.

Sleep: I can not get enough! I usually hit the sheets when Liv does and then squeeze in a nap during the day. 

Preparations: I am not as far as long as I would have hoped. I am trying to turn Liv's room into her big girl room and get the nursery somewhat set up before we head to Montreal. 

Exercise:  Still trying to make it to the gym a few times a week.  Cardio is getting a little harder though, I have not been feeling comfortable running so most of my cardio is on the bike or stair stepper. Once we are settled in Montreal I will start sharing some of my workouts with you guys.

Much Love,