Liv's 22 Month Update

This little girl is 22 months old today! I can't believe we are getting to close to 2! Though we are not there yet, I feel like we are getting a nice little peek into the terrible twos. But for the most part, she is a sweet little girl. Her personality is a good mix of Carey and me. She like things cleaned and organized like her mama, but she is super goofy like her dada. 


Photos by Mari Photographe

I am so thankful to say she is still a good eater. She usually eats whatever we are eating, I rarely make a separate meal for her. I am often shocked by how much this girl eats though! The other night we had sushi, and she ate more rolls than I did! I am not sure if I should be cutting her off at some point, but it is always healthy food, so I never do. Probably something I will ask the doctor about at her 2-year check up. 

For the past six months sleep has been good. We get a little off track while traveling, but it usually only takes her a couple of days (even with time changes) to get back on track. It was getting a little harder putting her down though, seems like she is not always ready for sleep at bedtime. We put a night light in her room and let her keep a book in bed with her now which helps a ton. After I put her down she "reads" for a little while and then falls asleep. A friend scared me to death about a nightlight catching on fire, so I always sneak back in her room once she is asleep to shut it off. (I also bought a smoke alarm for her room, there is one right outside her door but like everyone else, after watching This Is Us, I decided I better step up our smoke alarm game.)

This little lady was born to be a mama. We play babies all day every day. When we are not playing with her dolls, she usually likes to do whatever I am doing. We work in the office together, cook, clean and she even works out with me! She loves doing burpees, crazy girl! We don't keep a ton of toys in our home; I am putting together a blog post on the topic so look out for it in the coming weeks. 

While flying, I always have Liv on my lap instead of buying a seat for her. This is allowed while the child is under the age of two, so in a couple of months, I will have to buy a seat for her. Sometimes it is a tight squeeze, but we travel so much she has gotten pretty use to it. On the longer flights I can get her to sleep then I make a little bed for her on the floor. That works well as long as the seatbelt sign stays off. 
I got asked how we deal with the time change, and we don't really. We don't prep for the change or anything, the day we get there we just throw ourselves into the new time. It's never seamless, but it usually goes fine. 

This girl loves to chit-chat. Majority of the time we have no idea what she is saying, but that doesn't stop her. We are currently working on numbers and colors, which is going okay. We can count to two, haha and we know most of our primary colors. She is starting to call her friends by name which so stinking cute! 
f there is anything I missed just let me know!

Much Love,