Spray Tan


ey, guys! We are off to Vegas today! The weather in Kelowna has been a bit gloomy, so we are excited about some hot weather! Well, I shouldn't say we, I am excited. The little Canadian hubby is probably going to melt in the 115-degree weather. I picked a long sleeve dress for the NHL Awards, so I am probably going to be regretting that real quick! I am excited to see what Carey ends up wearing; he has two suits from Sartorialto, one is a bit more flashy, so I am hoping he chooses that one! 
Anyways, to get ready for the awards I got a spray tan. My email is always loaded with questions about fake tanning, so I wanted to do yet another post on the subject. 

n any of my pictures if I ever look to have a tan whatsoever it is 100% fake. I am naturally very fair skinned, and I refuse to use tanning beds, and I am way to ADD to ever just lay out in the sun. So I use self-tanners regularly and get spray tans for any special occasion. My favorite brand is Sunna Tan / Organic Tan. I have been using these products for almost two years now and have always loved the outcome. 

My favorite products are 'Color me dark' and the 'Grapefruit Min Lotion', which I use to maintain my spray tan. I also use the 'Keep Me Golden' on my face and chest weekly. 


My Tips For Tanning:
s much as I wish maintaining a sunless tan was simple it really does take some care and thought. Once it becomes your routine though it will be easier and easier. Here are some tips that I have found really keeps my tans lasting longer and looking better. 

  • Exfoliate!! Shower and give your skin a good scrub, I find it best to do this 12 hours or so before a tan. You want to avoid an oil based exfoliant...I just use an exfoliant mitt to avoid this issue all together. I also have a dry brush I use when I have time. 
  • Shave. A tan glides on way better on smooth skin and I find this helps it last longer. 
  • After applying tanner avoid lotions and sunscreens that contain oil. 
  • Don't shower after applying tanner for at least 12 hours. 
  • It is hard at times but avoid baths if you want your tan to last. 
  • Keep the skin hydrated! Drink plenty of water and lather up that oil free lotion daily. 

I hope this answers all the questions! 
uch love,