uys, our CHic clothing line launch is this Saturday!!!! For those of who do not know what CHic is, Julie Petry and I created a mini women's line to be sold in the Habs team store. We have four pieces, a hat, tank top, 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a hoodie. Each item represents our own personal style and is something we would not only wear to a game but also in our everyday life. When you purchase one of our items you will also be giving back to the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation, 10% of all sales will go directly to them! 


Photos by Marie Photographe

I want to take a minute and tell you a little about each item. 
First off we have the 3/4 sleeve baseball tee and the camo tank. I group these two items because I feel like they were both inspired by our husbands. Julies husband, Jeff, his father played baseball for the Detroit Tigers ( I know, awesome right?!) So I love that Julie wanted to throw a baseball spin on one of our items.  For the camo tank...well if you know my hubby at all then I am sure you know he inspired the camo. 


Then we have the hat. Julie and I both love sporing hats but we're having troubles finding good women options in the team store. We knew we wanted to create one that was simple, could be worn with anything, and supported our Habs, but wasn't too in your face. I am personally a huge fan of the vintage logos, so I thought this was the perfect way to incorporate one. We love how it turned out! 


astly, the comfiest hoodie ever! Julie pushed for the hoodie to be included in the collection and I am so glad she did (I literally wear it every day).  The hubby has a Violent Gentlemen hoodie that I use to steal from him all the time because it was so comfortable, I knew I wanted our hoodie to be that 'go to hoodie' that you just want to live in. So you know what we did, we went right to Violent Gentlemen and had them help us with our hoodie! So if you are not sold on the hoodie from just how cool it looks, then try it on, and you will be sold! 


he items will be sold in the team store at the Bell Center starting this Saturday, December 2nd. Julie and I will be there when the doors open on Saturday so come say hi! 
These items are limited edition, so once they are gone, they are gone! You will be able to look at them online though and call the store to order if you can not physically make it to the store. Due to licensing reasons, we can't sale them directly online. 
The sizes range from XS to XL and prices range from $32.99 - $79.99. 
Big thank you to everyone who has already shown us so much support. I have absolutely loved working on this project and hope it is something we get to do every season! 
See you Saturday!