Liv's 8 Month Update

I know I say this with every stage, but I mean it this time... This is my favorite stage!!!! Liv is so much fun and her personality is really starting to show. She is super silly just like her daddy and it is the sweetest thing. This girl always has a smile on her face which in turn means I always have a smile on my face. I never thought motherhood could be so wonderful. Sure, we are still having sleepless nights here and there and not every moment is picture perfect but we make the best of it every single day which keeps our spirits high even when I am running solely on coffee. 


 There is so much going on in little Liv's life it is hard to narrow down what is blog worthy. We will just keep it to the basics for today. 
Ugh, I hate this subject! We had a pretty great thing going sleep wise, that was before we took a trip to the states. We were there for two weeks and the three hour time change combined with a new place did not make for good sleeping. We ended up coming home with some not so great habits. We resorted back to the Ferber method. Luckily she caught on quickly and it only took two nights until we were back sleeping through the night, most nights. 

I must say she has been a great eater so far. Will pretty much eat anything I give her. She is eating a lot of pureed fruits and veggies and for the past few weeks, we have incorporated meat. She eats three times a day. An example of her daily eating is for breakfast she has cereal mixed with pureed or mashed fruit, lunch is pureed broccoli, kale, and spinach and then for dinner pureed squash, cauliflower, and chicken. We have also started giving her finger snacks to mainly keep her busy while I am cleaning the kitchen or something like that.  We are having a bit of an issue getting her to drink water. 

This girl is all about playing these days. Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise. She is not really interested in light up toys which surprised me but I prefer that. These wooden toys from B. toys are so much more appealing to the eye than other toys I see. The play station in the above pictures has been a big hit and keeps her busy for long periods of time. Her monkey from Jellycat (which has been named Baloo) has become her lovey. She sleeps every night with him and will sit in her crib and just play with his tail for up to 20 minutes after waking up from a nap. 

We seem to still be at least a few weeks away from crawling, though she wants to badly. She is currently doing an inch worm maneuver that she is having a little success with, haha. 
She has mastered clapping, waving and pointing...She is currently working on pulling herself up and blowing kisses. 
She is becoming more and more independent every single day, which is a beautiful thing...but also extremely frustrating. She now pushes me away when she is done with my kisses, slaps me in the face when I fall asleep while playing, pushes the sippy cup out of my hand when she doesn't want to drink her water and pretty much runs the show now, haha.  

Baby proofing is on the agenda for this week, any tips you guys have for that? I have been dreading it, but she is going to be on the move any day now so I better get it done! 
uch Love,