My Hockey Wives Overview

Season two of Hockey Wives comes to an end tonight.  Joining the show was such a big decision for me so I have recently spent quite a bit of time reflecting on the experience. I have received so many questions regarding my participation in the show as well, so I figured I would do a farewell hockey wives post and address it all.
Overall I am walking away from the experience content. I am happy I made the decision to go ahead and do the show. In this time of reality TV obsession it was kind of fun to briefly dip in to it and see what all the hype was about. I am also proud that it was a docu series, that I believe was actual reality....for the most part. With shows like the House Wives (insert pretty much any city here), and Wags it is easy to get wrapped up in the entertainment aspect and not the actual reality. I can not speak for other sports or professions but I am proud to say that the majority of hockey wives are nothing like that and it was refreshing to be part of a show that didn't try to pretend that we were a bunch of drama obsessed bimbos.

Is the show actual reality?
Yes, for the most part. The cameras are not on us 24/7 so when we are filming we would have to make sure to hit certain talking points to make our story lines make since to the viewers. We were never scripted in any way though. If a subject came up that I was not comfortable talking about I just wouldn't. Or I would tell them I did not want to talk about that and we would move on. I never had an issue with being forced in to talking about something I was not comfortable with. 

What was my favorite part?
Just the experience of doing a reality type show. Seeing everything that goes in to it and how it actually works was really interesting. I was really surprised on how time consuming and exhausting it could be. It truly felt like a job at times and not as easy as I had thought. I have a tiny bit more respect for Kim Kardashian now.... a tiny tiny bit ;)

What was the worst part?
Watching yourself on TV!! To be honest I have not watched all the episodes, I just can not stand to watch myself. My voice is the most annoying thing in the world. And I can not help but watch and pick myself apart...human nature I guess. So by far that is the worst part. If we could have filmed but never actually had the show air that would have been ideal haha. 

What do I think of social media?
For the most part I love the community on social media. So many great encouraging people out there...I loved reading comments after an episode aired. Even when people did not agree with me they seemed to respectful still...most of the time. There are some bad apples out there though. I am lucky enough that I don't let it get to me, I find it more comical than anything. I always joked that we needed to do a Hockey Wives version of "Mean Tweets". But you do feel sorry for the real negative people out there, they must be going through some real bad stuff to want to spread hate around. I try not to engage with these people or if I do I try to put a positive spin on things or joke about it. There is enough hate in the world I sure do not want to be responsible for adding to it. 

Are you actually friends with the girls?
Some of them yes, and some of them no. The girls I am not friends with I did not film with. I did meet a few of the girls because of the show and we clicked right away and we became friends. So when you see us together in a group that is not forced or fake...or it was never for me anyway. 

Did you get paid?
o, none of us got paid. It was however a great platform for anything that we wanted to shine more light on. It ended up being very beneficial for my blog as well as gave me a chance to show off some of the charities we work with. 

Where you portrayed correctly?
Yes and no. My story line was my pregnancy so you really only saw that side of me, and that was the main talking points when I filmed.  My husband is a very private person so I always tried to remember that and respect that while filming. Not to say that I had a filter, but I always had that in the back of my mind when the cameras were rolling. I feel like my humor is a lot more inappropriate than I felt like I could show.  Everyone these days are so sensitive I never wanted to risk starting a social media storm, and tried to keep in my mind that my husband and in turn our family are role models for young people. Overall I think I found a good balance for the show. 

Hope that helps answer some of the questions! Thank you for all the support and all the kind words over the last few months. I honestly do read every single comment on the blog and social media and I feed off all that positive energy and it encourages me to put out those positive vibes.
Lots of Love,