Hockey Wives

It was officially announced last week that I will be participating in season two of Hockey Wives. I am very excited to be able to share this with all of you. I plan on taking everyone along for the ride right here on my blog. 

Why do the show?

I have been asked constantly why I decided to sign on with this show. To be honest it was something that I wasn't sure I wanted to do. At first I immediately said no, but then decided to give it some thought and talk to friends who did the first season. I took months and months contemplating it.  As I am sure many others were, I was afraid of how the show would be perceived in the hockey world, afraid of the cameras being intrusive and ultimately how they would decide to portray me. But there is a lot to gain from doing the show as well, which in the end outweighed the potential bad. 

So why I am doing the show? There are three main reasons….
First off, I was excited to highlight and gain attention to the charities that Carey and I hold close to our hearts. Not only would they be featured on the show, but many more opportunities and projects to help these organizations could arise. 

Secondly, I miss having something of my own. When speaking to the women who did season one, many of them spoke about how much work actually goes in to filming this show. A lot of them compared it to a job. As odd as this may sound, that intrigued me. I find myself regularly missing having a career of my own, feeling like it has left a bit of a void in my life. While I do not have any plans of making television a career, just having something I could throw myself in to, being held accountable, and having something that felt similar to a "job" sounded tempting. The opportunities that could possibly arise from appearing on the show also made it that more compelling. 

Lastly, spending more time with old friends and traveling didn't sound too bad either. Carey and I are quite the opposite in a lot of ways. He enjoys being in the comfort of his own home, he is pretty private, I would defiantly not classify him as a social butterfly. I am very different from him in that way. While I do love spending time at home, I also love being out with friends, and I am always down to travel…anywhere, anytime. However many of the opportunities for this type of activity usually involves us as a couple.  Doing the show would give me these opportunities, and Carey wouldn't have to be involved…which I found hard to pass up. Carey did do a little filming with me this summer, however now that the hockey season will be starting that will be his only priority. 

I am excited to share more about my experience in the following months. Thank you for all your support! Make sure to tune in October 28th at 10pm. Click here to check out a teaser trailer and find more information about the show and cast. 
Lots of Love, 

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