Meet The Family

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am pretty excited to share a little piece of my life with everyone.  Here you can get a look in to my daily life, travels, what I find interesting, what inspires me, and hopefully some decent photography.
I thought it would be fitting to use the first post for introductions since my boys will be making appereances in the majority of my posts. 


So this is the whole gang. My husband (Carey) and I got married just a couple years ago, but first started dating back when we were only 17 years old!  As soon as we moved in together we got Motty (yellow lab) and a few years later we got  Duke (black lab). I am sure you will be seeing lots of these two, I am kind of obsessed. 
We split our time between Montreal QC (where the hubby plays hockey), Kelowna BC (summer home), and Tri-Cities, WA (where I am from).  
I hope you all enjoy this peak in to our lives. 
Lots of Love, 

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