16 Week Bump Update

Things are finally slowing down a bit and I am able to catch up on a few things from my to do list. One of those things, start a pregnancy journal. A friend of mine mentioned she did one and it sounded like such a great idea. I thought it would be fun to share on here as well since I am so far away from friends and family. Such a nice way to keep everyone up to date on the bump. 


How Far along: 16 weeks

Sex: We don't know, and I don't think we are going to find out. The hubs kinda wants to find out, but for now I am pretty strong in my decision to not. 


  • Gotta Have: Cantaloupe, green juice and salt & vinger chips dipped in cottage cheese. (Don't judge, it is so good!)
  • Keep it Away: Salad :( I ate salads on the daily pre pregnancy but not a chance these days. I seem to only want my veggies in juice form or cooked. 

Missing: Caesars (Bloody Mary) and sushi. 

Symptoms: Now that I am in my second trimester the nausea is pretty minimal, thank goodness! It has however been replaced with headaches :( I have been using my Ameo essential oils to keep them in check and it has been working pretty well for me. 

Weight gain: 8 pounds and counting. 

Stretch marks: I am lathering on 'Belly Balm' from The Honest Company nightly. So far, so good. It is a bit greasy but keeps me feeling moisturized for a long time. 

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but everything is a bit tight.  I am showing now and finding it a little hard adjusting to just rocking a belly. (The dress I am wearing in the photo is from H&M).

Sleep: Sleep is pretty good, but I am up frequently to use the restroom. 

reparations: Researching like crazy!

Looking forward to: Putting together the nursery. My mom is coming out in December to help get things started, I am really looking forward to that. 

Exercise:  The first trimester was hit and miss. I would do some sort of workout at least a few times a week when I felt up to it. At times that was only a 20 minute Tone It Up workout at home, other times it was a run with the dogs. Now that I am feeling better I am getting back in to a routine and back in the gym a few times a week. 

On My Mind: Drug-free birth or epidural. I do realize that any decision I make now could possibly change the moment I feel that first contraction, but I do want to go in with somewhat of a game plan. At this moment I am leaning towards drug free. The main reason for this is the recovery. It seems those women who bypassed the epidural started to feel "back to normal" a lot sooner than others. But by next update this could all change haha. 

Lots of Love, 

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