Millie's 6 Month Update


Weight: 14.11 lbs


This girl has an appetite! We are still breastfeeding, I am trying my hardest to keep my supply up but it has been a struggle. I am considering formula for those times I am not around and not able to pump for a full feed.

For a pump when home I use the Medela Free Style, when out and about I use the Willow, which is fantastic! The one downfall of the Willow is it pumps right into a bag, which is not an issue if it is going right in the freezer but if you plan on using the milk, then it is a waste of a bag.

We did start solids, which I posted last week, you can find it here.


We used WeeSleep to sleep train Millie, and it worked great! We worked with a sleep consultant daily for about ten days, and they had her sleeping through the night by day 3. We have done a bit of traveling and whatnot that has gotten us off track a little, but nothing serious.

She is sleeping in her crib with a sleep sack; we recently got these breathable bumpers because her feet were always getting stuck. We put her to bed on her back but 90% off the time she rolls over on her belly.

We were using the Snoo for a couple of months, and we liked it, it was a life safer there for a couple of weeks. But it is costly! I think if you are going to spend the money, I would sooner spend it on a sleep consultant. But if you have all the money in the world, I would for sure buy the Snoo as well for those early months.


Sitting up on her own

Talking nonstop

Rolling with ease

Smiling and giggling always

Has a little bit of stranger danger

Always looking around the room to find mommy

Loves to play, mostly on her tummy or in the mirror

Puts everything in her mouth (still no teeth though)

Not crawling yet, but inchworm her way around

Her eye color has not changed, funny with both girls their eye colors didn't change at all from birth. So they are still blue for now.

Favorite things:

We love Plan Toys; Millie especially loves the little balls, play phone and keys.

We use the Lovery play mat all the time.

All these items are linked to my Amazon store front here.


As you may have seen on Instagram our little Millie Moo had to get a helmet, I will do a full blog post on this subject here.


We are still at three naps but really trying to drop that third one in the next few weeks.

7am wake up & nurse

8 am eat (lately it has been banana)

9 am first nap of the day

10:30 wake and nurse

This is usually when we get out of the house to run errands or take Liv to swim lessons, or her PT appointment

1: 00-second nap, a couple of times a week she has this nap in her car seat when we are on the go.

2:30 wake and nurse

free play

4:30 down for a quick cat nap

5:00 wake and nurse

6:00 dinner (been doing sweet potato)

6:40 start night time routine

7:00 pm in bed


Much Love,