Morning Routine

This subject can be a touchy one; everyone loves their sleep...especially me! But for the last five years, I have made a habit of waking up early, and it has changed my life.
I don't wake up at 5 am and hit the ground running, quite the opposite actually. I try to wake up around 6 am (giving me an hour before the baby wakes) and this is my quiet time, my recharge the battery time, my me time.


When I wake up the house is quiet, I go down to the kitchen where my coffee cup and a fresh Nespresso capsule is already in my Vertuo machine because I prepped the kitchen before bed the night before. I make a cup of coffee, and as a special treat, I will add a little maple syrup, steamed almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. Then I go to my favorite chair and read. Sounds like it is nothing, but this quiet time to myself sets me up for a good day.  By the time I am done reading the coffee has kicked and I am ready to start my day. They say that the first hour of your day and how you spend it often sets the tone for the rest of your day and your life.


It doesn't take long to get used to the early mornings and you eventually even begin looking forward to it. Going to bed a night I am excited for the morning, to get up and have that first cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, it has been over a year now that we switched to Nespresso coffee and that has made my mornings a lot better. Having that perfect cup of coffee first thing just makes my heart happy.  We use the Vertuo machine which has a variety of capsules sizes for our every morning needs. Even recently, Nespresso expanded their collection by adding the Double Espresso (80 ml) capsules this year. This is probably Carey's favorite capsule.
How do you guys start your mornings? 
Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this post.  All comments and opinions are my own.
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