Halloween with Kids

I think it is pretty obvious to everyone that I love Halloween! I love any holiday really, this girl loves to run with a theme! But the decor, dressing up and spookiness puts Halloween at the top of my list.

I am especially enjoying it with a little one now! She is getting into just as much as I am and I love it! So that is today's post, celebrating Halloween with a little one. It is so easy to put a Halloween spin on just about anything so I am sharing the easy no hassle ways we do it.

This is also about the time when Halloween stuff is going on sale, so keep your eyes out and stock up for next year!



The easiest way to get in the spirit! We are always looking to mix up our books, mama gets tired of reading the same old ones every night.

If you have a public library you like to attend this is perfect, go stock up on some holiday books for free!

I have been hesitant of going to public libraries here in Quebec with Liv. I assume there is a good one downtown with English books? But I try to avoid crossing the bridge as much a possible. Are there any good English ones on the south shore?

So, for now, we buy our holiday books, which is fine because we use them every year. I picture some of our favorites below.

I also have to point out these little board books, my sister got here these for her first Halloween, she loved them then and she still loves them. Liv also has them for Valentines, Christmas, and Easter so if you are getting the Halloween ones just stock up on all the holidays because they are a huge hit, and make an adorable gift.



Netflix makes this pretty easy, they have a host of Halloween movies that we have been enjoying all month long! I threw on Hocus Pocus and Casper just to try and was surprised that even these older kid movies kept her attention! So we were really able to enjoy those movies as a family.

Unknown 9.59.45 AM.jpeg


The holiday section at Pottery Barn Kids gets me every time! I grabbed a few of these pumpkin plates this year. But the ghost cup and spider web placemat came from Target! The spider web was actually a table runner, it had four webs attached so I just cut them apart and now have four spiderweb placemats! Not bad for a dollar section find (though, I think it was $3).

If you don't want to invest in these plates I found these super cute skull disposable plates at Walmart!! Maybe a little creepy but Liv liked it.



I get PJ's for any and every occasion. I think they are so fun and we always get a ton of use out of them. My favorite stores to grab these are Old Navy, The Gap, and Joe Fresh. Like I said they will be going on sale soon so keep an eye out and grab them for next year!



Pumpkin patches and apple picking are so fun with the kids! This is a bit of time commitment and we were not able to go as a family this year (thanks flu) but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. The other day we just went to our local market and let Liv pick out her pumpkin there! She had a great time and we were in and out within 30 minutes. We kept pumpkin decorating even easier with just these super cute stickers I found at Target. We put on a spooky movie, lit some candles and made a little evening out of it.

On my Insta stories, I noted that we tried painting pumpkins last year and it didn't go well. Someone reached out to me and said that you need to prime the pumpkin first! Good to know, maybe we will try that again next year.


Halloween Dinner:


I feel like Halloween evening is always hectic, and trying to cook dinner while the doorbell is ringing every 30 seconds is super annoying! So the last couple years we have done crockpot meals that I prep that morning.

The last two years we have done this Chili Mac and Cheese from Skinny Taste. It is not necessarily a crockpot recipe but works great in one and is super kid friendly! There is nothing better than coming home from trick or treating (usually freezing) and having a hot bowl of chili.

Much Love,

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