A Health Getaway - Miraval Resort

Hi, all! Well if you follow me on Instagram then I am sure you saw that this past weekend I was in Arizona with my mom and sister celebrating my moms 60th birthday. For years we have talked about going to a health retreat of some sort, so we finally made it happen. We decided on the Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa. We were looking for a resort that was a good mix of health and fitness but had the luxury aspect as well. Miraval was the perfect mix, and it was everything we hoped it would be. 


The great thing about this resort was you could really make it what you wanted. If you wanted to relax and hit up the spa all day no problem, but you could also stay busy the entire time hitting up as many classes and activities as possible...and that is exactly what we did. They have a schedule for each day with activities, fitness courses, and lectures starting from 6 am all the way to 10 pm. We tried fitting in as much as possible why we were there. **This trip was in no way on the cheap side, so we wanted to get our money worth!
We filled our days with hikes, work out class, rock climbing, lectures about our health and well being, yoga, meditation, and we ended each day at the spa. The rare time we had nothing to do we hung out by the pool. 
It was amazing to take a weekend and focus on just me and my health. Being there with my mom and sister was just the cherry on top. Since little Liv has come in the picture, we have not had the time to do anything just us three, so it felt extra special. 


 want to take just a quick minute and talk about the resort itself since I have been getting so many questions about it. 
We stayed at the Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa. I had done quite a bit of online research and also had help from a travel agent to finally decide on Miraval.  After meeting other women and talking to them there, I was so happy about our choice. Many of the people there had done different health resorts, and everyone agreed Miraval was the best. 
We loved the classes they offered. They cater to all fitness levels. I will admit going into this I didn't think the fitness classes would be challenging enough for me, but oh man were they! I also got the chance to try new workouts like Areril Yoga, and Jullina Michels Body shred (both were awesome.) 
The lectures they provide were really interesting, and we enjoyed all of them that we attended. My favorite was one on gut health, a subject I have been interested in since I got pregnant with Liv. The women teaching it was so passionate about the subject it made it that more stimulating. 
The accommodations were beautiful, and oh my goodness were the beds comfy!!  We stayed in one of the villas, which was over the top gorgeous.  
The food was great, and there were plenty of options.  
We did run into a few issues though that were disappointing. The weekend was pretty busy, so we had trouble getting into some of the classes we wanted. We were put in a villa that was right next to the construction going on. My sister's room was closest to it, and she complained that she was woken up each morning at 6 am from it, not what you expect when you are paying top dollar for a wellness resort.  Most of the staff was outstanding, but there are still a few bad apples in the bunch. 

For the most part, it was an awe-inspiring weekend spent with my sister and my mom that I will never forget! If you are thinking to visit Miraval and have questions just let me know!  
uch Love,

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