For My Nursing Mamas

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA on social media the last few days, life has been CRAZY! I was down in the states and I had an amazing weekend full of celebrations...I will post about that later. But now I am back in Kelowna for two days frantically packing up the house, getting stuff shipped and trying to get organized to fly out to Montreal tomorrow!!  My sister is amazing and flying with me tomorrow...It's us, the babe, the two dogs and a couple pieces of luggage, wish us luck! I will try to snap a few photos for Instagram stories, I am sure we will look ridiculous and will make for some comical photos. 
Anyways, todays post is for my nursing mamas out there. Have you guys heard of Loyal Hana?! It has some awesome nursing pieces that makes nursing anywhere any time so much easier! I actually wore this dress below to pretty much every event this summer where I had to dress nice and bring Livi along. I also paired this dress with flats when running errands and that was a super cute look as well.  

I know this look falls under 'summer' but I had been meaning to share this brand with you guys so I wanted to be sure to do it before summer was officially over! They have some great fall pieces, so make sure to check out their site!
Much Love, 

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