World Cup

Good morning guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, life got busy in a hurry. Liv and I spent last week in Toronto for the World Cup of Hockey. We are finally are all back home now getting settled and back in to a routine. 
I wanted to do a quick post on the World Cup...once again I am bummed I didn't get more pictures. Simply just taking a photo can be difficult when you are riding solo with a baby. 


I had to share this photo because it is amazing. I can not find where it originated so I don't know who to give photo credit to. But it was such a tight game so when Team Canada scored with 43 seconds left it was for a sure a moment to capture. 


Poor Liv and these stupid headphone things, haha. They did seem to help though, she slept through most of the game. Bringing a baby to the games was better then I thought it would be, but was still a bit stressful. I wasn't able to relax and just enjoy the game which would have been nice. 


After Team Canada won we went to a little after party there in the rink and of course Liv came with. She was a little party animal and it didn't seem to phase her being out until 1am!

Much Love,

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